Silver Bay Seafoods
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Building a Dream Through Silver Bay Jaime's life took a complete turn when he decided to set off on an adventure in Alaska working for Silver Bay Seafoods. Only looking for a few months of hard earned cash, what he found was a new career... and a wife.

Prior to working at Silver Bay, Jaime worked at a supermarket in his native Puerto Rico for eight consecutive years. After hearing of the opportunity to work at Silver Bay through a friend, he decided to quit his job, take a leap of faith, and head to Alaska in hopes o...
Welcoming New Experiences and a New Life Unemployed and looking for adventure, Marangely from Puerto Rico headed out to one of the largest seafood companies in Alaska.

Marangely began working at Silver Bay Seafoods in June of 2017 as a Processor. After forming new friendships and experiencing a new way of living, she decided to return in April of the following year as a Lead. Her hours at the Metlakatla facility typically varied between 10-14 hours, allowing her to earn ample overtime pay

“I liked my schedule and ...
William, Employee, Valdez
Saying Goodbye to Despair, and Hello to the Opportunity of a Lifetime
At the age of 40, William found himself unemployed and with a newborn at home. After hearing about the opportunity at Silver Bay Seafoods, he decided to take a chance and pack his bags for Alaska to support his family.

He describes that first season at the Naknek facility at Bristol Bay as the time of his life; so much, that he decided to return the following year. Following his second season, William’s co-workers convinced him to return yet again, this time to work in Valdez.
Nathaniel, Engineer, Valdez 
Finding a More Adventurous Life
Nathaniel wanted to escape from his monotonous 9 to 5 grind that didn’t seem to be leading anywhere.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Applied Science, Nathaniel left his construction job behind and joined Silver Bay Seafoods. In 2017, he worked hard in the freezer and by the end of that first season, he was rewarded with a promotion to Lead. Prior to the second season, he returned early to work as a Supervisor and was soon promoted again to Freezer Department Head.

“I ...
Brynn, Plant Manager, Naknek 
From Processor to Plant Manager
When college student Brynn decided to travel to Alaska to work as a fish processor for summer break, she had no idea that just 9 years later, she’d be a plant manager for one of the largest seafood companies in Alaska, Silver Bay Seafoods.

Brynn, a native of Minnesota, had been looking to do something different. She learned about opportunities in Alaska from her college friend, whose parents had lived and worked in the Alaskan tourism industry. A short time later, Brynn applied and...
Elijah, Supervisor, Naknek Processing Plant:
Seeking Adventure at Sea; Finding Opportunity on Land
When Elijah first joined Silver Bay Seafoods, he hoped to eventually work his way onto a fishing boat. But now, there is no place else he’d rather be than the Naknek processing plant.

“To be a part of the team of supervisors and leads at the Naknek plant is nothing short of an honor and breaking world records is something I’ll remember for a lifetime,” Elijah says.

At 22, Elijah walked away from a well-paying trade job seeking new adventure in Alaska. It was a decision that...
Elvira, Recruiter
A Recruiter Today, a Business Owner Tomorrow
A few, unfortunate, life events led Elvira to drop everything at home, and move towards a more prosperous future; one that would give her the chance to open up her own business.

Elvira is originally from San Diego, CA and was working in massage therapy and physical therapy aid before leaving her golden state. She originally became familiar with Silver Bay Seafoods through her brother’s co-worker, who was a previous employee of the company. After hearing about her brother’s experi...
Luke, Bunkhouse Manager
“If You Can Make it Here, You Can Make it Anywhere”
After his life took a difficult turn, Luke made the decision to leave Texas in search of new opportunities in Alaska. 

Luke was living with his daughter and grandchildren and working in construction. He heard on the radio about the opportunity to work at Silver Bay Seafoods, and although he knew being away from his family would be challenging, he took a chance and embarked on his new journey.

“It was a bit tough at first, but after s...
Brandon, Canner, Sitka
​​​​​​​Silver Bay Seafoods, For The Thrill Of It
When Brandon first heard the Silver Bay radio ad for an all expenses paid trip to Alaska in return for 3 months of work, he was hooked. As an avid 22-year old outdoorsman, he was even first in line when recruiters arrived in Bakersfield, CA to interview applicants. Shortly after that, he was on the plane, ready for an adventure of a lifetime.  

Working and Living in Sitka
Brandon was first assigned as a processor, then an operator, working in the cannery ...